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Budget Motel

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Superior bölgesindeki 9 otel arasında9. sırada
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This place cost $90 a night. Its old, tiles are cracked in the bathroom, Mexicans sitting on the sidewalk in front of their rooms playing music and drinking until 11pm. We didn't feel safe walking up to the motel, but everything else was booked. Save your money, go somewhere else.
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This motel seems to be the place for construction workers. The cost was $89 and was definitely not worth it. The rooms were disgusting. Walls were dirty and bare, floor was filthy and stained. The bathroom shower was moldy and had multiple cracks. There was a separate cubby with the microwave and a/c which was also messy. No phone. If it wouldn't have been late when we arrived I would have gone elsewhere. Even considered sleeping in my car.
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First of all, they didn't even save my reservation, so I wasn't able to even stay the night because they sold my room to someone else. It was a busy weekend up north, so all of the hotels were booked. I knew this place would be dumpy, but my choices were limited. Anyway, I showed up that night and was not impressed with the gross appearance of the place and when I went to check in, they told me that they were sold out. I said, but I made a reservation and they told me that I wasn't in the computer, but they didn't even look. Wow! So we drove to some other hotels and finally found one an hour away. It was much nicer, but not convenient. Stay away from Budget Motel unless you really need to save the dough.
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We arrived in the Duluth/Superior area without a hotel reservation and after checking with most brand hotels/motels, discovered outrageous prices. Settled for the budget price that we have become accustomed to paying at the brand hotels and that brought us to the Budget Motel. The only plus is that the beds were comfortable and clean. Otherwise, the room is very dingy, badly in need of a paint job. The air conditioner didn't work, the advertised Wifi didn't reach our room - we had spotty access if we left the door open - and we paid the same price $79 plus tax that we would have paid for much better accommodations with more amenities in other places. We felt taken advantage of and we wouldn't even consider staying there again or recommend it to others. Drive an hour and find something better down the road unless you want to pay $200/night elsewhere in Superior/Duluth.
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Husband & crew are working in Superior, ( tank repair), have been there before when Cici ran the place, old but clean, no bugs. NOT SO ANYMORE! The afternoon they arrived they couldn't get any heat and after many attempts and time they repacked & moved to another room ( newer section). After dinner, watching TV, they see a bug walking on their beer can. They thought, (men!) one bug, okay; by the third bug they complained & were moved to their third room. You guessed it, bugs! They also don't clean the rooms daily so they asked for a vacuum & the desk personnel just laughed. When they asked for another blanket they were told they didn't have ant extras & were given a bedspread. They have since day moved to another hotel. If it were possible he said to give a minus star rating. Staying here would be equivalent to sleeping on the street; stay away!
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