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Super 8 Louisville Downtown


Louisville bölgesindeki 110 otel arasında100. sırada


Tam görünüm
63Az çok yürünebilir
Puan: 100 üzerinden 63
40Restoran (1 km içinde)
11Gezilecek Yer (1 km içinde)
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Central Business District
Standiford Havaalanı ile 8.4 km mesafede
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory ile 1.3 km mesafede
Central Business District
Standiford Havaalanı ile 8.9 km mesafede
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory ile 1 km mesafede
Central Business District
Standiford Havaalanı ile 9.1 km mesafede
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory ile 0.9 km mesafede
Central Business District
Standiford Havaalanı ile 9 km mesafede
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory ile 1 km mesafede
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The room was clean enough, but the hallways were disgusting. Smelled of weed and cigarettes. Upon check in I told them I had 2 dogs with me, but for whatever reason they charged me another $40 claiming I didn't inform them of the other dog. That's a complete lie because I have the screen shot of where I included them in the check in. Then when I called to ask about the charge the lady on the phone was very rude and spoke to me like I was a criminal and asked if there was a reason I didnt inform them of the other dog, when i have proof i did. I requested for the manager to call me and I have never heard back from them. There was a needle found in the hallway by the stairs, and the handle on the side door was broken off. Never again!
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When we arrived at the hotel, we noticed that our room had a cracked toilet seat and the second phone did not have a phone cord. That's a pretty bad first impression for a guest. However, my husband went down to complain about the toilet seat. I went down to the desk and requested sheets for the sofa bed, two additional pillows, and a phone cord. The toilet seat was broken clear through. We figured that it was only one night that we'd have to deal with these issues so we went to sleep looking forward to the fresh waffles that were promised in the web advertisement. The next morning, there were no waffles. There was about a half-cup of milk left for the cereal and less than one-fourth cup of juice left in the pitcher. Someone else poured all the milk out and there was nothing left for us. My children ate donuts instead since there was no milk for the cereal. I asked the clerk for more milk. After glaring at us, he poured more milk in the pitcher. I was also going to ask for juice but I had the distinct impression that my requests were not welcome. The next day was uneventful until we walked up the stairs to room 220. The wall in the stairwell had a hole in it from the door handle. Makes one wonder what has occurred there! That night was fine and I was starting to feel a little better about my hotel choice. Maybe we just got off to a bad start. The next morning, however, we went down for breakfast and the cream cheese container was empty. Since the previous mornings, the container was near empty, I figured that a spare was in the refrigerator. I asked the clerk for cream cheese and he replied that he would have to get some. I figured he meant from the refrigerator since he should have noticed that the one that was out there was nearly empty. I had already toasted my bagel. I sat there for 20 minutes and the cream cheese still wasn't there. Apparently, feeling the weight of a cream cheese container and noticing it is nearly empty is more work than the hotel manager can handle. The four of us went for a morning swim. As we were relaxing in the pool, I noticed a lot of pool debris. We left the pool to shower in our room. I know that pool vacuums remove pool debris and keep the water clear. I don't understand why there would be debris in the pool first thing in the morning. If it were just the juice, the milk, the cream cheese, or the pool, I could probably see it was an oversight. But this is a pattern. Management is not proactive with regard to guest service. Instead, there is an attitude that the customer is wrong and must be reprimanded for daring to complain. (I'll explain more on that in a bit.) When we came back from our day trip, the sofa bed sheets, where our kids were sleeping, were half pulled off and the sofa cushions were placed on top. Hardly a way to make a bed! When we complained, we were told that they don't usually make sofa beds but that they would do it for us. I could understand this if it were only two people staying in the room. However, there were four of us. Where did this man think we were all going to sleep? The next morning, we had the same issues with the milk and the juice. Some older kids were sitting at a table nearby. A wadded up napkin fell from the table as they got up. The same manager told me to pick up the napkin. "No sir," I replied. I was getting a little sick of not getting what was promised. I also did not sign up to do housekeeping after his other guests. He replied, "You need to pick up after your children." I replied, "I agree but my children did not drop a napkin on the floor." At this point he became red faced. I left with my son to the elevator and to our room to shower for the day. We called Expedia, where we booked the reservations, and Super 8's customer relations line. Fairly soon after that, the hotel manager called the room and proceeded to argue with my husband about whether we should have called the lines to complain. I find that a horrible way to provide customer service. After taking my shower, I found a waterbug on the bathroom floor. My husband killed it and threw it in the trash. We were heading out for the day and figured the manager was a little crazy so we packed up the car for a day trip and the kids and I waited in the car. My husband later told me that when he was filling our small cooler with ice, the hotel manager was talking to him about whether he was satisfied and kept trying to justify the horrible service we received. My husband came out to the car and put the cooler in the back. The manager asked me why I was so dissatisfied. I replied, "I feel based on what has occurred, that you do not have a proactive attitude towards customer service. A proactive attitude means that you don't wait for the customer to ask for things that you should be providing. I expected a toilet seat that was in usable condition. I expected two made up beds each day. I expected a breakfast as stated on the web ad. I do not feel that I should have to keep asking for basic things." My husband then excused to get something from the room that he had forgotten. The manager said that he fixed everything that was wrong and we should be satisfied. I replied, "I'm not satisfied because I feel this is the minimum level of service. I'm not happy with the service bottom line. Please leave me alone." The manager then started saying, "I want you to leave," over and over again. I ignored him and looked away. I also looked around to see if my husband had returned. I was quite concerned for my safety because this manager seemed to be losing control of himself. There was no one else around. The manager then said that he was going to have me arrested. He claimed that I used foul language in the breakfast room. (With my two young children present?) In front of my two children, the manager then called me a (female dog - starts with B) and told me I was a "dumb attorney." (I never told this man what I did for a living but I still wonder what this has to do with the numerous problems with his facility? I also wonder why he felt it was appropriate to swear at me and in front of my children?) I didn't say anything else to this man but ignored him. Finally, he walked away. My husband came out and I told him what happened. My husband went to the front desk and inquired whether the manager used the foul language toward me and in front of the children. The manager replied that he did not and that his "assistant" was there with him. My husband told the manager that no one was there with him when he was outside. Caught in a lie, the manager then insisted that my husband leave the hotel immediately or else he would call the police. My husband made no threatening motions toward the manager. I was in the car and could see the front desk were they were talking. My husband then told the manager, "You're pathetic," and walked out to our car. My husband pulled the car around back near our room and packed our things in 30 minutes. I called Expedia to find alternate accomodations and waited with the children. When the car was all packed, my husband pulled the car to the front. The manager was on the phone. The manager said again that he was going to call the police. My husband then placed the room key cards (that oddly enough read, "Comfort Suites") and said, "we're done." We left. This occurred on 8/22/03. Incidentally, the phone cord was never supplied. There were two phones in the room but I wonder why there was only one cord. We paid $417 to be tormented by a manager who "enriched" our children's vocabulary with highly offensive language. Does a hotel chain that boasts its number two rating among economy hotels endorse this type of customer treatment? My husband, the kids, and I have traveled to many cities and countries and have stayed in many hotels. We have never had a problem. I urge Super 8 and Expedia to correct this problem. This hotel is not the "Pride of Super 8," but should be an embarrassment. On a more positive note, the hotel Expedia booked for us the last night was clean and had very courteous staff. The Super 8 was the worst hotel I have ever visited.
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