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Ucuz Eilat, İsrail uçak biletleri

Eilat bölgesinde Ben Gurion Intl Airport (Tel Aviv, İsrail) hizmet vermektedir

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Eilat bölgesinde Ben Gurion Intl Airport (Tel Aviv, İsrail) hizmet vermektedir

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Arriving at Eilat

Flights to Eilat end up at the Eilat Aiport right in the centre of the city. Tourists may also take Eilat flights through the Ovda International Airport, a 50-minute drive away. Cheap flights to Eilat from Europe are also available via the Taba International Airport in nearby Egypt. From there, you can take a taxi ride to the Israeli border. Airfare to Eilat can be significantly lowered by comparing fare rates from various airlines before booking a flight. Fortunately, you can easily access this information online.

Getting Around Eilat

Much of central Eilat can be accessed simply by walking. However, the summer heat can be too scorching even for shorter walks. The alternative is to take a bus or a taxi. Be advised that the taxi drivers in the city are notorious for charging high rates to tourists. Be sure to ask the driver for the meter or at least agree to pay the fare in advance. To experience Eilat without having to take a taxi, try scheduling your vacation in other seasons to avoid the extreme summer heat.

Main Attractions

The North Beach is the main beach attraction and a lot of major hotels are located there. For scuba diving, the Coral Beach is the best place to go. You can also go there for windsurfing, kiting, and snorkelling. Don't forget to pay the Underwater Observatory a visit. You can get a glimpse of the Red Sea marine life there. Stingrays, turtles, sharks, and colour fishes abound in this area. The Dolphin Reef is also a good place to go. This area is not just for tourists, but for the preservation of these gentle sea creatures. Alternatively, visit the What's Up Observatory where you can view deep space with their powerful telescopes and cameras. For a Biblical experience, visit the King's City as well.

Shopping, Dining, and Nightlife in Eilat

For shoppers, the Mall Ha'Yam is the biggest shopping mall to visit. You have almost everything here in one location. For cheap items, visit the flea markets and the promenade vendors along the streets. Don't overspend on these items though or you'll end up carrying heavy suitcases home. For a good dining experience, do not forget to taste the falafel at any of the dining areas in the city. Some notable restaurants include Pedro's Restaurant, Ginger Restaurant, and the Pago Pago floating restaurant. For drinks, the Unplugged bar is a nice recommendation.

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Eilat uçuş istatistikleri - bunları biliyor muydunuz?
  • Eilat – Ben Gurion Intl Airport (Tel Aviv, İsrail) 271 km mesafededir.
  • Ben Gurion Intl Airport (Tel Aviv, İsrail)
    • Şimdi 66 havayolları Ben Gurion Intl Airport bölgesinde hizmet veriyor.
    • Ben Gurion Intl Airport, 108 şehre aktarmasız uçuş hizmeti veriyor.
    • Ben Gurion Intl Airport bölgesinden her hafta en az 77 yurt içi ve 1.533 yurt dışı uçağı havalanıyor.

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