Alighapoo Mosque
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Nis 2018 • Aile
Alighapoo (or Ali Qapu) means - as I understand it, by a term that is partly Persian, partly Azeri (hence essentially Turkish) - "imperial gate".
The most famous monument of Iran with this name is the great palace that rises in Isfahan. In Ardabil, originally this name refers to a gate in the near and very famous complex of Sheikh's Safi al-Din tomb; which could lead to some misunderstanding.
In our case, however, this isn't the name of a gate, but of an entire mosque; which is one of the largest mosques in Ardabil; but is pretty modern ..
The mosque stands on the corner of Taleqani blvd and Sheikh Safi al-Din street, and right on the corner stands out - oblique to both streets that cross here - the monumental entrance door (which I imagine may have given the name to the entire mosque).
This mosque is very close to the great and historic complex of Sheikh's tomb Safi al-Din; but it's specially devoted to be the main mourning place of the worshipers of Hussein, the direct descendant (grandson) of Muhammad very revered by the Shiites, particularly on the feast of Ashura, on the day corresponding to his tragic death (680 AD).
Our attention has been drawn to this mosque since, returning to our hotel (which is near), and having seen a lot of movement around and inside the mosque, we were told that the commemoration was in progress - in this case - of Hussein's birthday, since the third day of the month of Sha'ban occurred. Since the Islamic months are "mobile", as in the Christian world the Easter week is, in 2018 the month of Sha'ban corresponds to our April 19, precisely one of the days of our presence in the city.
Once we entered (obviously taking off our shoes) in the large and rich internal hall, we mixed with the crowd that - directed by which we assume was an imam - recited hymns and prayers to Hussein.
After the ceremony, many of those present were crowded around us, and they shared with us the sweets that had been distributed during the prayer. We have been surrounded by the utmost cordiality.
It is therefore understandable how the memory of this mosque, regardless of its historical and artistic values, will remain very strong for us.
Yazıldığı tarih: 30 Mayıs 2018
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