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Mary R
Dublin, İrlanda9 katkı
5 baloncuk üzerinden 1,0
Ağu 2015 • Arkadaşlar
Having been to many places in Turkey I decided to visit Cesme. I have read about it and heard so much I was really looking forward to going. I went last week and what a disappointment. Staying at the Albergo Cesme hotel was my first disappointment. I had researched it on the net and it said it was 0.8 km from the town centre - more like 2 miles - you would be best having a car if you are going to stay here. The hotel was small which is what I wanted but on getting my room the first thing that met me was a wet toilet roll hung up again for use. I decided to ignore this and empty my case - no hangers in the wardrobe so for the 5 days of my stay my clothes stayed in the case. Breakfast was the worst I have seen in all my years travelling through Turkey. No juices, no meats, no yogurt and the smallest eggs I have ever seen. No not good. In it's favour the hotel was clean but not good and never to be visited again. Cesme itself was full of Turkish people not one other westerner - just me. It was busy and the people were not very friendly in fact I met a few that were just quite rude not the normal Turkish person I am use to. In stopping in a cafe for lunch the waiter recommended the Iskander Kebab which I ordered. Well out came a few slices of meat on a plate with a bottle of ketchup over it and it was cold. NO NO NO NO NO. not good at all. Having spent 5 days there in Cesme I would not recommend it at all. The saving grace was a visit to Alacati which is a nice quaint place but again no tourists other than Turkish people from Izmir etc...... All in all a huge disappoinment considering I had waitied so long to see it. Not to be repeated.
Yazıldığı tarih: 1 Eylül 2015
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Daniela I
Bucharest, Romania8 katkı
5 baloncuk üzerinden 5,0
Nis 2014 • Arkadaşlar
Cesme is an absolutely fascinating area, with its Aegean heritage, its pretty Ottoman and old Greek-style houses, with its Kale (Fortress), its beautiful Han (Kervansary Inn) converted into a hotel, its promenade lined with attractive restaurants and the fancy new Marina, the welcoming main square and the pedestrian street with its shops, the usual assortment of leather, handbags, souvenirs and the appetizing scents coming from various tavernas (lokantas), all those eateries with mouth-watering dishes. There is also the weekly market, or the weekly event in town as one might call it.
The town is not like the seaside resorts deserted in winter, and as the weather can be sunny and sweet for days in a row, it is a real pleasure just to be around, to be part of the gracefully balanced rhythm of life in the mild sunshine of late February, when you know it's all damp and grey in Europe.
And then, 10 minutes by local minibus (dolmus) you are in Dalyan village, on a small lagoon, with restaurants and a lovely cafeteria right on the pier, fishing boats and smart yachts swinging gently on the blue water. We generally like to eat at Levent's, and don't they know how to welcome and feed you! The fresh fish comes with Levent's best salad, the "meze" starters are delicious, and they will offer some home-made delicacies for dessert like quinces in syrup topped with real whipped-cream.
EsenGul's cafeteria is next door, if you have a sweet tooth and want to indulge in more of the local goodies. All the family is there, brother, sister, spouses, parents, aunts, all baking, preparing, taking orders, serving, at times sitting and drinking tea with the children playing around. Their pastries, baklavas and sakiz (mastic) cakes are true delights.
On Saturdays everyone in the area hops on the local minibus, the dolmus, to go to Alacati Market. Alacati is another quaint market-village of old Greek character, and it is so touching and heart-warming to see the cami (mosque), which was initially a Greek basilica, renovated to perfection so as to reveal the original iconostasis, as well as to preserve the Islamic decoration and function, so it can serve both Muslim and Christian worship.
The market is everything a Turkish market is, with their blessed wealth of local produce, vegetables, fruit, flowers, all the fragrances and aromas to make you hungry, and textiles galore... so it's tempting to shop. And tiny lokantas, smelling so good that of course you do feel like having a bite.
Everything is colourful and in abundance, life seems at ease and the people have a pleasant way about them.
Nice memories to take home and make you wish to come back. I find that end of winter and Cesme are like love and marriage, they go very well together!
Yazıldığı tarih: 3 Mart 2015
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Lynne M
Buckinghamshire, UK127 katkı
5 baloncuk üzerinden 5,0
Eyl 2013 • Arkadaşlar
we booked lots of trips when in Oludeniz last week, and the best tour of the whole week was by Seaside Holidays. the trip was the day tour to Seklekent and Tlos village. our guide was called Yusuf. He was so informative about the places we visited and very well spoken although a little fast but we asked him to slow down a little. But he gave us so much information. the food at lunchtime was excellent and much better than I had hoped for as I have a special diet. But it was truly delicious. Just cant complain about the value as well. would do that trip again.
Yazıldığı tarih: 7 Ekim 2013
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