Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle

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10:00 - 16:00
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10:00 - 16:00
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New Lenox, IL757 katkı
Haz 2022
Definitely worth seeing! Waited three years after lockdown but really worth it. Our guide, Margaret, was absolutely charming! Full of facts and behind-the-scenes anecdotes. We LOVED the tour, which unexpectedly included a wonderful lunch prepared by the staff, and also a parting gift!

Be warned there are plenty of stairs and no photos are allowed inside the castle. We were permitted to walk the gardens afterwards.
Yazıldığı tarih: 29 Haziran 2022
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Kaliforniya684 katkı
Haz 2022
Our multi-generational family group of six originally booked Highclere tour tickets for 2020, and were so disappointed to lose those during the pandemic. We purchased new tickets for 2022, prompting my parents to joke that we must have funded something significant on the property with all our ticket purchases at this point. We spent a lot of time, effort, and yes, money, making this tour happen, and it was 100% worth it. We spent two weeks in England and this was by far one of the best things we did during that time.

We booked a 10:30am guided tour. We arrived at 10:00am, took photos of our family on the drive in front of the castle, gathered at the front door to hear a welcome announcement just before 10:30am, and were inside and on the tour right on schedule. I do recommend arriving early to take photos and use the toilets (there aren't any inside and you won't want to miss any of the tour). The staff in the parking lot and at the door were so welcoming. The ticketholders were divided into three smaller groups, each with their own guide, so we could easily tour the rooms and hear our guide. Note that you cannot take photos inside the castle. I love taking pictures, so was initially disappointed by this, but I think having my phone away and not worrying about capturing all the photos help me engage with the tour and really be present. The tour was great. Our guide had worked at the castle for many years and was such a wealth of knowledge. The guides know everyone is there because of Downton Abbey, so they are really good about providing historical info about the castle while also peppering in plenty of Downton trivia. In each room, there was information about the history of the space, how the family uses it now, and how it was used during the shooting of Downton Abbey. It was perfect.

The most time on the tour is spent downstairs, where the spaces are larger. Upstairs, we were given some info about the bedrooms and then sent to walk through them on our own, as there's not enough room to gather and talk about each one in the hallway. I thought the amount of time we had in each area was just right. After the tour of the castle, we were taken to the Egyptian exhibit, which was really interesting to some but not all in our party. Those that were less interested proceeded to the gift shop. Our group consisted of family members from age 9 to age 73, and each one of us found the castle tour pretty fascinating, even the two youngest who've never seen Downton Abbey. There's really something for everyone here.

The tour was followed by what was described as "refreshments" on our ticket, but turned out to be a full lunch, which was absolutely delicious. It included tea sandwiches, quiche, soup, scones, dessert items, and coffee/tea. There is both inside and outside seating, depending on the weather. The butler came around and chatted with all of us as we ate, and shared his own stories about working at the castle, which was lovely. I hadn't expected the refreshments part to be as nice as it was! Then, we visited the gift shop and each guest received a signed cookbook, which was included in our ticket price. We proceeded on to the gardens, which were beautiful and shouldn't be missed.

Overall, this was a stellar tour, and I'm thankful that the family has created such a special experience for guests.
Yazıldığı tarih: 28 Haziran 2022
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Linda G
2 katkı
May 2022 • Çiftler
I was so very disappointed. My partner had payed £90each as a special treat for my birthday.
We both love Downton Abbey but instead of hearing about that, we had some unknown lady talk about her life, and experience renovating her own property. Also I am hard of hearing and although there was a microphone she didn't use it. My partner had to tell me what it was all about.
We felt annoyed at not being allowed to take photographs inside the castle so have no lasting memories.
Although the grounds of the castle are beautiful, we
felt the tickets were vastly overpriced.
Yazıldığı tarih: 24 Haziran 2022
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Sacramento, Kaliforniya7 katkı
Haz 2022 • Aile
Alert! The grounds are not open to the public until July. In reading the website, it is obvious that the Castle won’t be open…but it says nothing about the grounds ALSO not being open to the public. We made the visit to the castle a huge part of our itinerary…but oh well. We did climb Beacon Hill and see it from a distance. Bring binoculars!
Yazıldığı tarih: 21 Haziran 2022
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Haz 2022
We visited for the midsummer guided tour. We booked the morning tour so that we had the afternoon to explore the gardens and just sit in the lovely setting. The estate manager gave us a welcome, then we were split into 3 groups of 20. The tour of the house itself was perfect--lots of stories about the filming and about the family's 20th-century history as well. Not all of the rooms that we saw on the ground floor were used in filming. The Egyptian exhibit was an entirely new topic, and these items are replicas of what was found during the early 20th century digs. Some good history there!

We enjoyed the afternoon tea very much. If you are a vegetarian, do be sure to let them know when you arrive at the gate or even earlier. They had my companion's plate prepared and waiting for her (they don't add anything new for vegetarians, but they remove the meaty sandwiches and double to veg ones). The staff in the tea/carriage house were very kind. They offer tea, coffee, lattes, and other coffee drinks. We could not finish our plentiful desserts, but they were better than nearly all of the deserts I've had at high end afternoon teas. They care about the taste *and* the appearance, which is nice. You do carry your tray to your seat yourself, but then the view is fantastic!

We walked around the gardens for a long time and also found a quiet spot to sit and relax. The gift shop has a nice range of things. Overall, a wonderful outing. The sunny weather didn't hurt!
Yazıldığı tarih: 16 Haziran 2022
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Austin, Teksas59 katkı
May 2022
This was better than expected. House was lovely but it was the gardens that we loved the most!!! We were there on the day of a county fair but traffic management was no problem and after parking in the wrong area we circled around and re-parked correctly. The ticket booth lady was super friendly and set a positive tone for the day. We had a 10 am entrance ticket and maybe waited 15 minutes outside. I loved that they limited the entrance to groups of 10 ish at a time so that you weren't crowded. The docents in each room were a wealth of information and were very kind at answering all our questions not just about the TV show but also life in general in a home like this and how the current Earl's family uses the home. We never felt rushed. We did pop in for the Egypt exhibit, it was far better than I imagined and we could have stayed longer but we wanted more time for the gardens. I would strongly encourage you to have time to enjoy a coffee or snack or cocktail on the lawn. There was loads of seating well spaced around and not at all crowded. We spent an hour walking the gardens and we could have easily done twice that! There were so many peaceful spots to linger. In all we arrived at 9:45 am and departed at 1:30 pm and it was a good amount of time but having an hour more would have been best. We were booked for tea elsewhere and had to move on otherwise we would have spent 4 hours here.
Yazıldığı tarih: 10 Haziran 2022
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paul k
3 katkı
May 2022 • Çiftler
I contacted Highclere after a very poor afternoon tea experience and this is the response I received with no name attached…….

This was not an afternoon tea - we list on the ticket page the soup, quiche, cakes, sandwiches which are made in the morning. Some people like the egg sandwiches or others prefer the tuna. Some like the chocolate pots and others the scone. Many cannot eat it all and we had compliments on the soup that day. The quiche is always a hit!
Thank you for relating your opinion.

This is the complete response… I haven’t edited it or left anything out.

We paid £250 for our package which it says includes afternoon tea, and the tea was a tea bag in a mug of hot water, I’m not joking. One of the sandwiches was sandwich spread and we received half a scone each. Have a look at the photos of the afternoon tea advertised on their website and compare it with our experience.
Yazıldığı tarih: 31 Mayıs 2022
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Chadds Ford, Pensilvanya354 katkı
May 2022 • Çiftler
We got to visit the Cotswolds and Highclere castle through a tour operated by Cotswolds Exploring. The tour guide Isabel and the driver David were both lovely.

The castle grounds were bustling as there was also a fair going on. The outside of the building is exactly as it appears in the series and the films. There is a que to get in but we were only waiting for maybe 20 minutes. Once inside the rooms, decor, and architecture was stunning. Seeing photos and portraits of the Carnarvon family through the years was also a very nice touch. They had signs posted everywhere to not take pictures but I definitely caught a few older (American women of course) sneaking pictures. Wish I'd been able to catch them in the act.

Overall I was pleased with my Highclere experience even though I wish we could have seen more of the rooms and been allowed to see the stud farm.
Yazıldığı tarih: 28 Mayıs 2022
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Daniel B
39 katkı
May 2022 • Aile
My family has mixed feelings about our recent visit to Highclere.

As Downton fans and lovers of English country house architecture and history, we were very excited to visit the famed Highclere Castle in May when it has limited opening prior to it being open to the general public in summer. We hoped to Abe able to take lots of great without photos without the summer crowds.

The exterior does not disappoint - the house is stately and impressive, and as we were on a semi-private tour we were able to take some wonderful and uncrowded photos of the outside of the house and it’s surrounding parkland.

Inside the house is quite beautiful. There are some standout rooms, such as the entry hall and the North Library, both of which are exactly as portrayed in Downton Abbey. The bedrooms were somewhat less impressive than others we have seen at other English country houses, but they were still pleasant to visit. They are quite a bit smaller and a bit less luxurious than they appear in Downton.

Overall, however, we were disappointed with the experience for the following three reasons.

(A) we were instructed very firmly that no phots were allowed to be taken inside the house. We have been to numerous grand English houses, including many still owned by private families, and, with the exception of the Queen’s residence at Sandringham, have never been prohibited from taking photos. We were so excited to be in the rooms where one of our most beloved shows is filmed, and were very disappointed not to be able to take photos. We felt that this prohibition was designed to force visitors to buy a souvenir book - which leads into a problem to which I will return at the end of this review.

(B) included in the price of the tour was a lunch with scones and tea. We were so looking forward to this, as we had have enjoyed many wonderful afternoon teas at other country houses. This one was a disappointment. It was cafeteria style and of questionable quality. The sandwiches were unpleasant and the scones barely edible. The sweets were also disappointing - they seemed to have come out of an industrial fridge as they were cold and hard.

(C) this brings me back to the point I hinted at earlier - it is hard not to feel that this entire estate is taking advantage of good-faith visitors. We paid £125 per person to do this tour. For comparison, other private houses (not national trust) that we have visited charge between £20 and £30. Even taking into account that we were on a semi-private tour, this price still seems to be very steep for what is actually offered. One has the feeling that the entire exercise is designed more to make money for the owners than to provide a truly special or tailored experience.

Overall, although the house itself is lovely and worth visiting, I would recommend going when the house is open to the public and not forking out for a semi-private tour, as in my view this does not offer good value for money.
Yazıldığı tarih: 26 Mayıs 2022
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Newcastle upon Tyne, UK164 katkı
May 2022 • Arkadaşlar
We booked the guided tour. We were not disappointed. The estates manager welcomed us and explained how the tour would be. There were approx 60 for the morning tour and we were split into 3 groups of 20 with a tour guide. The guide Allison was very informative and was there as a chaperone for the film crew during Downton filming so explained how it all worked. The staircase and library are amazing. You do not see the kitchens. The filming for Downton kitchens was on a set in Ealing studios. You cannot take photos inside on the tour. The Egyptian exhibition was interesting. In all it lasted about an hour and a half. We were then shown to where we collected our refreshments. These were lovely and I will attach a photo. There is a gift shop which sells lots of Highclere castle memorabilia. Then a walk around the grounds which are beautiful. This tour was £125 each, however if you really want to see the castle and know all the information and are a Downton fan it’s worth every penny. A tip. The town scenes from Downton are filmed in Bampton a village in Oxfordshire which we visited. It has Isobel Crawleys house, the church St Mary’s, the post office (Church View) and Bampton community archive which was used as the hospital during filming, they sell Downton memorabilia and you can go inside. Well worth a visit also.
Yazıldığı tarih: 20 Mayıs 2022
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